How to Fix a Leaking Water Tank

Updated July 20, 2017

Water tanks hold and store collected water for heating and other distribution purposes. If you notice water on or around the tank itself, your tank may have developed a leak. While damage to the tank material itself is not repairable without professional service, there is an easy and simple way you can fix minor leaks caused by hardware failure without any special tools or materials. By fixing the leaks as soon as you find them, you can avoid losing a lot of money by saving the water that would have otherwise leaked out.

Wipe down the tank with a cloth and make sure the leak is not actually condensation. This would occur when the weather near the tank is much colder than the water inside.

Tighten all of the hardware connections on the tank using a wrench. Don't over-tighten the connections or you will destroy the threads inside the hardware.

Wrap the hardware connections with at least three layers of metallic sealing tape. Make sure the tape is covering the join and both sides of the connection.

Check the taped connection after a few days for any new moisture. If the leak has recurred you will have to replace the faulty hardware.


Check your tank often through the freezing season to prevent any serious damage.


Do not attempt to repair the actual material of the tank yourself because the repairs will not last.

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth
  • Wrench
  • Metallic sealing tape
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