How to Soundproof and Insulate a Noisy Water Pressure Tank

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The water pressure tank or hot water tank is the heat source for the hot water system in your home. The tank feeds all of the hot water to your sinks, showers and bathtubs. If your tank is hot to the touch, this means the tank is wasting energy and working inefficiently.

Insulating a hot water tank will not only increase its energy efficiency and save you money, it will reduce noise output as well.

Wrap the insulation blanket around the tank. Line the bottom of the insulation blanket up with the bottom of the tank. Scribe a line on the blanket where the blanket overlaps itself and where the blanket starts to extend past the top of the tank.

Place the insulation blanket on a flat surface and cut away the excess insulation with a utility knife.

Wrap the insulation around the tank and mark out all of the obstructions, such as the drainpipe that extends from the side of the tank and any control modules mounted to the side of the tank. Mark out any access holes such as the ones for the pilot or the heating element.

Place the insulation blanket on a flat surface again and cut away the necessary areas with a utility knife.

Wrap the insulation blanket around the tank again. Run a tapeline down the joining seam to seal the blanket and to keep it from coming off the tank.

Measure from where the water pipes go through the ceiling or wall to where they go into the tank. Cut two pieces of insulation tubing. The tubing has a cut down one side to allow you to slip the insulation onto the tubing.

Slide the insulation onto the water sending tube and the water return tube and then tape the joining seam with duct tape to seal the insulation.