How to Hook Up a Wii Console to a Samsung LCD TV

Updated July 20, 2017

Since its invention, the Wii console has been a big hit with its users. The Wii marks the first time that gamers can physically take an interactive part in the game, unlike other video games where the players sit and exercise their thumbs. The console comes with a wide variety of games, and for those old-school players, Game Cube games can also be used in the Wii console. Set up on a Samsung LCD TV, or any TV for that matter, only takes a matter of minutes.

Choose a location for the Wii console. Make sure that the console has enough room for circulating air to help cool it. Mount the console either vertically or horizontally. If mounting the console vertically, placed it in the console stand. The the Wii console should be close enough to the Samsung LCD TV that the Wii AV cable can reach to make the connections between the two units.

Plug the multi-out plug end of the Wii AV cable into the multi-out receptacle on the Wii console. Plug the RCA plugs located on the other end of the Wii AV cable into the TV inputs on the back of the Samsung LCD TV. Plug the red RCA plug into the red jack, the yellow RCA plug into the yellow jack and the white RCA plug into the white jack.

Plug the cable from the sensor bar into the sensor bar connector on the back of the console.

Determine mounting position of the sensor bar, on top of the TV or below it. Remove the protective film from the foam feet on the bottom of the sensor bar. Peel the film from one side of the adhesive backed foam tape and stick the tape to the console. Remove the film from the other side of the tape and mount the sensor bar to the top of the Samsung LCD, making sure the sensor bar is centred on the LCD screen.


Make sure the sensor bar has no obstructions in front of it. If the sensor bar is mounted on a table in front of the TV, place the sensor bar at the front edge of the table, and not back where the table surface can interfere with the signal from the Wii accessories. The included sensor bar mount also can be used to elevate and attach the sensor bar.


Restricting airflow around the Wii console can cause the console to overheat and fail.

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