How to Stop My CD Player From Skipping

Updated April 13, 2017

Compact disc players, or CD players, provide crisp, precise audio through the use of laser technology. No matter how advanced your device, any player is prone to skipping. Often the problem is the disc rather than the device itself. Stopping a CD player from skipping is really quite simple.

Check the CD. A CD that has been scratched or damaged can result in skipping. If you have any doubt, put a newer CD into the CD player to test it. If the second, unscratched CD skips as well, the CD player is at fault.

Dust out the CD tray of the CD player. Sometimes, a little dust gets on the disc and makes it read as though it has scratches. Use a feather duster or rag to lightly clean the CD tray.

Clean the fan of the CD player. If the fan is clogged with dust or hair, it will overheat and cause the CD player to skip. When this happens, clean the fan grate with a feather duster or similar product. You also can use a large eyedropper to suck out some of the hair and dirt, but this works only if there is a lot of dust in the grate. If you cannot get much dust out of the CD player, consult the user's manual for suggestions from the manufacturer.

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