The Toshiba DVD Recorder Won't Finalize the DVD

Updated April 17, 2017

DVD-R and DVD-RW recordable discs must be finalised after recording is complete in order to work in other DVD players. A Toshiba DVD recorder should do this automatically after certain recording functions and before ejecting the disc. If it does not, you can attempt to manually finalise the disc before having it professionally repaired or replaced.

Insert the disc that you would like to finalise.

Press the "Edit Menu" button on the remote control while playing the disc or while playback is stopped.

Use the up and down arrows to select "DVD-Video Finalizing" in the on-screen menu, then press "Enter."

Under "Menu Create" select "None," then under "After play final title" select "Stop." Select "Next" to move to the next screen.

Select "Writing" in the lower right of the screen.

Select "Yes" or "No" to tell the machine if you want it to power down when finalising is complete. Finalising will then begin and a progress bar will appear.

Contact your electronics dealer or the Toshiba service department if the disc still does not finalise.

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