How to Pair a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth

Updated April 17, 2017

Sony Ericsson has several styles of Bluetooth headsets. Regardless of design, the headsets are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones. Once connected, your phone's audio will route to the headset, giving you the ability to make and receive phone calls hands-free. To use any Sony Ericsson headset, you'll first need to pair it with your phone. Pairing creates a trusted connection between your phone and headset, allowing them to connect quickly in the future.

Connect your headset to a compatible charging source (usually included) and allow the internal battery to charge fully. For some devices, the first charge can take up to eight hours. Charging is complete when the indicator light turns from red to green.

Disconnect the headset from the charging source.

Power your mobile phone on and open "Settings" or "Connectivity" from the main menu. Choose Bluetooth and set Bluetooth power to "On."

Press the headset's "Call" or "Power" button (on the front of the device) to turn the headset on. If the headset has never been used, it will automatically enter pairing mode -- indicated by red and green flashing lights. Otherwise, simultaneously press and hold both volume control buttons for about five seconds, or until the indicator light flashes red and green.

Select "Add New Device" or "Search" from your phone's Bluetooth options. Your phone and headset should be no more than a few feet apart.

Highlight the name of your Sony Ericsson headset from the list of discovered Bluetooth devices. Press "OK" or "Pair."

Enter "0000" when asked for the pass key and press "OK." The headset is now paired and will connect to your phone.


If you have difficulty paring your headset, use the link in the Resources section to view a user guide for your specific model.

Things You'll Need

  • Compatible charging cable
  • Bluetooth-enabled phone
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