How to Prune a Hakuro Nishiki

The Hakuro Hishiki goes by many names, including the dappled willow, Albo-maculata, dappled Japanese willow or variegated willow. It may also be marketed as Fuiji Koreangi, Fuiji Nishiki or Albomarginata. It's a shrub that grows to about 6 feet in height, with gracefully arching branches and small leaves. Pruning the dappled willow will keep the mounded shape and prevent the bush from being crowded with old wood and the possibility of disease from the crowded condition.

Look at the longest and oldest canes coming up from the base of the plant in the early spring while the plant is still dormant. Cut back these canes to the ground using a pair of sharp pruning shears. Remove up to a third of the canes every year to keep the natural look of the bush.

Cut back the bush every three or four years to about 12 inches from the ground, removing all the canes, forcing the energy in the roots into producing many new branches. Clear any clippings away from the base of the plant.

Trim off any dead wood throughout the growing season back to green healthy wood with pruning shears.

Shorten branches on the thin side of the bush to produce thicker growth, by cutting just after a leaf or bud, during the growing season of the year.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
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