Changing the Kindle Screensaver

Written by katrina matterhorn | 13/05/2017

The Amazon Kindle, a portable e-book reader, allows you to download e-books, blogs, magazines and newspapers to the device. When not in use, Kindle activates a pre-installed screen saver. You can create a more unique screen saver for your Kindle by downloading a separate image file from your computer.

Connect the Kindle to your computer by attaching one end of the supplied USB cord to the Kindle and the other end to the computer.

Click "Start" from your computer's main menu and then click "Computer." Double-click the "K:" drive to open the Kindle folders.

Double-click "System" to open the folder. Right-click on any open area and click "New," then "Folder." Name the folder "Screen Saver."

Click and drag the screen saver image you want to use for the Kindle into the new "Screen Saver" folder. Wait for the transfer to complete.

Disconnect the Kindle from the computer. Press the Kindle's "Menu" option, then press "Settings" and "Update Your Kindle." The new screen saver appears once the update completes.

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