How to retrieve messages from someone else's cell phone

Updated April 17, 2017

In most cases, accessing your cell phone's voicemail messages can easily be done through your handset by dialling *611 or clicking on a preset number. However there are times when your mobile device is not readily available and you still wish to access your messages. Remote message retrieval can be done through landline phones or someone else's cell phone by simply dialling your cell phone number and following the prompts.

Dial your cell number, including area code, from the individual's cell phone and hit the "Send" button.

Press "#" when you hear your voicemail greeting begin. Enter your password followed by "#" when prompted. Make note of how many messages are new. Listen to your first message.

Press "1" to replay the message, "7" to delete the message or "9" to save the message. Listen to any other new messages. Press the cell phone's "End" when finished to end the call.

Call your mobile device from the person's cell phone. Interrupt the greeting by pressing the "*" button on the keypad.

Enter your voicemail password as requested. Press "1" to listen to your first voicemail message.

Press "4" to replay the message or "9" to save the message. Delete the message by pressing "7." Listen to the next message then press "End" to disconnect the call.

Dial your mobile number from the available cell phone. Press the "*" button as soon as your voicemail greeting starts.

Enter your password when prompted. Your voicemail will automatically begin. Press "1" to hear the current message again. Press the "7" key to delete the message or the "9" key to save the message.

Listen to any other messages and hit the "End" button when finished.

Call your cell phone number from the person's mobile device. Press "*" during the greeting and enter your password.

Listen to your new messages which will play automatically. Press "11" to rewind to the beginning of the new message. Press "7" to delete or "9" to save your messages.

Click on the "#" button or hang up to end the call.

Dial your Sprint phone number from any cell phone. Press "Send." Click on the "*" button once your voicemail greeting begins playing. Enter your voicemail password.

Listen to your first new message. Click on "4" to replay the message. Delete your message by pressing "7" or save it by pressing "9."

Disconnect the call by pressing the "8" button on the cell phone's keypad.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Cell phone provider
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