How to Remove a Sent From BlackBerry Signature

Updated December 15, 2016

BlackBerry smartphones allow you to send e-mail message from anywhere your phone goes. By default, your BlackBerry attaches an e-mail signature that indicates it was sent from a BlackBerry phone. In some cases, your mobile provider inserts its brand into the signature. Although an e-mail signature can be useful in some situations, you may decide to remove the default sent from a BlackBerry signature. To do so, edit the current e-mail account settings on your BlackBerry.

Navigate to the Home screen on your BlackBerry. Click "Messages."

Press the "Menu" button. Click "Options." Click "Email Account Management."

Click the email account you want to remove the signature from and click "Edit."

Clear the "Sent from BlackBerry" text. Press the "Menu" key. Click "Save."


If you're using an enterprise account for your work e-mail address, the process is just a little different. Instead of Email Account Management, click "Email Preferences."


BlackBerry offers a large line of phones and there are some operating system differences between models. This process can vary slightly depending on the model of BlackBerry you're using. Consult the user manual of your specific model if you're having trouble removing the signature on the messages.

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