How to Open QuickTime on My iPhone

Updated February 21, 2017

QuickTime is a multimedia utility created by Apple, Inc., that is frequently used for sharing music and videos. If you own an iPhone, a QuickTime plug-in is included with your phone. This allows you to open QuickTime files received by MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and e-mail. Your phone's QuickTime plug-in will also convert comparable media files to QuickTime so that you can play them back on your phone. If you are new to the iPhone, you can send yourself a test QuickTime file to practice using the multimedia utility on your phone.

Tap the "Email" or "SMS" icon on your phone. Locate a message with a QuickTime attachment. If none are available, you can send a test QuickTime file to your phone. Log in to your personal e-mail account from your desktop computer and click "New Message" or "Compose." Type in the email address configured in your iPhone then attach a QuickTime file from your computer and click "Send."

Open your e-mail account on your phone. When you have received the message, click the QuickTime file attachment at the bottom of the email. The file will appear as a QuickTime icon, but once downloading completes, it will become a long rectangular bar you can tap to launch your QuickTime application.

Tap the QuickTime bar once downloading completes. Your QuickTime application will launch in a new browser. The file will play automatically. You can replay it, but you cannot save it to your iPhone.

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