How to Rejoin the Royal Marines

Updated July 20, 2017

The Royal Marines form part of the United Kingdom Naval Service, specialising in both land and sea warfare. The training and application process for the Royal Marines is notoriously difficult, so you need to be fully committed if you want to rejoin. If you have successfully joined the Marines before, you still need to apply through the official channels and complete the training again. The Royal Marines offer a number of different roles and the application method is similar for all of them. You also need to be physically fit to rejoin the Royal Marines.

Contact the Royal Marines careers advice centre, either by phone or on the Internet. Give your details to an adviser, who will check your eligibility to rejoin before you undertake the full application process.

Visit an Armed Forces Careers Office, where you can talk to serving Marines about the training process and what will be required of you to succeed as a Royal Marine. If you want to continue, ask an adviser to set up a formal application for you.

Take the aptitude test, which is designed to measure your capabilities. The test includes math, language, logic and mechanics.

Attend your formal interview, and be prepared to talk about your reasons for rejoining the Royal Marines. Present yourself as a committed and determined individual. You will be required to have a medical check following your interview to make sure you are healthy enough to rejoin the Marines.

Undertake the fitness test that is set for you. You have to run for three miles on a running machine, with a one minute rest halfway through. If you do not finish the distance within 23 minutes, you will not pass this stage of the application process.

Complete the Potential Royal Marines Course. This lasts for three days, with your fitness tested in the gym and on an assault course. You will also be tested academically. If you succeed, you have to undertake a final interview to discuss your motivation for rejoining the Royal Marines. You will also be required to talk about yourself personally. Give a good impression by explaining your determination and offer examples from your private life that show your personality. At the end of the three days, you will be told whether you have succeeded in rejoining the Royal Marines.


Use your previous experience in the Marines to help you. For example, if you know what kind of questions are asked in the interviews, prepare your answers before you attend.


Physical fitness and health are vital when rejoining the Royal Marines, so visit a doctor before you apply.

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