How to Write a Letter to the Judge for Driving Privileges

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Your driving privileges can be suspended for any number of reasons. For example, in states like Texas or Massachusetts, you can lose driving privileges for non-payment of child support. Repeated moving violations and accidents, or DWI charges can also cause the judge to suspend your driving privileges. The problem with losing driving privileges is that for many Americans, the inability to drive interferes with their employment. Unless you live in a major city with a good public transportation system, you must drive to work.

Type your address. Skip a line, and type the date. Skip an additional line and type "The Honorable (Judge's full name), (judge's title, such as Chief Justice). Then, type the name of the court and the court's address. Skip another line, and type "Dear Judge (Last name)" followed by a colon.

Identify yourself at the beginning of the letter, then state your docket or case number. Describe the circumstances of your case and the penalty that was invoked upon you. For example: "My name is Natalie Noriega and my case number is 54A2F. On April 2, 2011, I was involved in my third at-fault motor vehicle accident in two years. As a penalty, I was issued a ticket for £325 and my license was suspended for six months."

Explain that you are asking for your driving privileges to be reinstated, and state why you need then. For instance, "I am respectfully requesting that my driving privileges are reinstated. I am a single mother of three who works full time. I understand that my driving record has been poor, but I need my vehicle to take my children to school and to their appointments, as well as to get to work."

Detail what you have done or are willing to do to have your driving privileges reinstated. "I have successfully completed defensive driving and I am taking an additional driving course to help improve my driving skills. The lives of my children are very important to me and I want them to be safe. I believe that this demonstrates how seriously I am taking this matter and that I truly want to be a better driver."

Thank the judge for her time. Provide your e-mail and telephone number in case she needs to contact you.

Type "Respectfully," and skip three lines to close the letter. Type your name. Print the letter, and sign your name above the typed name.

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