Instructions for the Gazelle Sprintmaster

Updated April 17, 2017

The Gazelle Sprintmaster is a glider exercise machine that provides a low-impact cardio and strength-training workout. Marketed by fitness guru Tony Little, the unit includes a water bottle and holder, eating plans, sample menus and a heart rate monitor. The computer keeps track of workout information and displays it on the LCD screen. Users can vary exercise intensity by speeding up or slowing down the gliding pace and by adding resistance. Tony Little offers the Gazelle Edge as a lightweight, economical version of the Sprintmaster; it holds half the weight and does not have heart rate sensors.

Step onto the footpads so that your toes are behind the front lip. The lip will keep your feet from moving or sliding. Grip the soft foam handles and move your legs, alternating one forward and the other back in a smooth gliding motion.

Grip the handles near the top so that the heart rate sensors can take your pulse. Press the mode button on the computer to cycle through functions. It will display heart rate, distance, speed, time and calories burnt.

Attach the resistance pistons on either side of the machine to change the workout from cardiovascular to strength training. Lean forward to provide more resistance for your arms. Stretch farther and hold for one or two seconds to tone your lower body.

Add the workout videos that come with the Gazelle to target different areas of the body. The basic Gazelle Sprintmaster comes with two DVDs and the Gazelle Sprintmaster elite comes with five different DVDs, including the Total Body Cardio Workout and the 100-minute Freestyle Crosstrainer.


Always consult your primary care physician before starting an exercise routine.

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