How to Install HD Loader to the Memory Card

Updated February 21, 2017

HD Loader is a program designed for use on the PlayStation 2 game console. It allows users to play games on their optional hard drive, rather than the network adaptor. HD Loader allows games to be copied to the hard drive. Install HD Loader onto your PlayStation 2 memory card and run it on the console from the card. It takes some time to prepare the PS2, but once it is on your memory card, you do not have to reformat it again.

Click the Windows-logo icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Click "Computer" and then click the "C:" drive.

Click the "File" menu and select "Folder," then "New."

Name the folder "MC."

Open the "Filepack" program and click "Extract to."

Select the "C:" drive, then select "MC," the folder you just created. Click "OK."

Insert the PlayStation game that you want to play into your computer. Click "Eject" on your computer's CD-ROM and snap the disc in place. Push the door inward to close it.

Click the Windows-logo button and click "Run." Type "Notepad" and click "OK."

Double-click on the "File" menu and select "Open."

Set the "Look In" location to the drive your PlayStation game is in (for example, the "D:" drive).

Click on the "Files of Type" drop-down menu. Select "All Files," then select "Open." A dialogue box, such as "BOOT = cdrom:.," appears in the Notepad. Write down the code that follows this. This is your PSX ID. A "1" follows the ID. You don't need the "1" or the numbers for "TCB," "Event," and "Stack."

Click the Windows-logo button, click "Run," then type in "CMD" and click "OK."

Type "cd\" and press "Enter."

Type "cd MC" and press "Enter."

Type "titleman --a" and the PSX ID that you wrote down earlier. Click "Enter." When it's finished installing, the screen will say "Done."

Go to your computer desktop and open your CD-burning software by double-clicking the icon.

Select "Create CD-ROM" and click "No Multisession."

Select the "ISO" tab and check "ISO Level 2." Under "Format," select "Mode 2/XA."

Select "ISO 9660" under "Character Set," and click "New."

Click "Computer" from the "File Browser" and select the "C:" drive and the "MC" folder.

Highlight all the files except "Titleman" by running the cursor over them. Drag them to the "ISO" folder, where you will write them to the CD.

Select the "Burn" tab when the "Write CD" window launches. The window automatically launches. Press "Eject" on your CD-ROM and insert a blank CD-R. Select "Write" to burn the CD.

Download software that boots your CD-R, such as Cogswap Loader. Go to the website and select "Download." Click "Run Files" to install the software. When the software launches, select "Boot" to boot the CD-R that is in your CD-ROM. Click "Eject" and insert the Gameshark CD. Wait for it to launch.

Click "Start Game" and select "Without Codes."

Press "Eject" to swap the Cogloader CD and press "X" when the tray is closed. Cogloader will automatically launch. Click "Eject" on the screen again and swap it with a HD Loader CD. Press "X" on the keyboard when the tray is closed. HD Loader will automatically boot.

Insert a memory card into the memory card slot 1 on your PS2. Insert the Gameshark CD into your PS2 and press "Power." It should read "Installation Complete."

Things You'll Need

  • Blank CD-R (to burn installation files to)
  • CD burner
  • PSX game
  • Network adaptor
  • Hard drive 40 to 120 GB
  • Nero or CD burning software
  • Winrar or software extraction program
  • Memory card
  • FilePack
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