How to get a Masonic passport

Updated April 17, 2017

The Freemasons, also referred to as masons, make up a fraternal organisation with strong ties of brotherhood. A mason can travel beyond the borders of his lodge and be greeted warmly by his brethren in a lodge at another location. When a mason does find himself at a lodge other than his own, he may use his Masonic Passport to record his travels. Additionally, the Masonic Passport may also be used to document your personal journey as you learn more about Masonry.

Go to your masonic lodge.

Ask the secretary if your lodge has passports available.

Pay the fee if passports are available.

Purchase a masonic passport online if your lodge does not carry them. Some mason lodge websites or Masonic associated business websites like Macoy sell passports online.


Keep your Masonic passport as a keepsake of your path to increased knowledge.

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