How to Connect to Hamachi With a BlackBerry

Updated April 17, 2017

Hamachi by LogMeIn is a private networking application mainly used on computers. It lets you connect to a network to access its files and programs. The BlackBerry Storm comes preinstalled with this application, which lets you play songs and videos on your BlackBerry. You should have no trouble connecting to a network on the Hamachi LogMeIn application. It only takes a few minutes to configure the application. After that, you no longer need to log in to your network.

Tap the home icon of your BlackBerry phone. Select “Applications.” Look for the Hamachi LogMeIn icon.

Tap the Hamachi icon. Select “Join Existing Network” from the options. Sign in with your network name and password.

Press the “Connect” button. It should connect you to your Hamachi network. From there, you can access your files and launch them on your BlackBerry.


Select “Create a Network” to enter the network’s name, address and password. The password should be 64 characters in length and unique to the Hamachi system.


Make sure to get permission to access a network before attempting to sign in.

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