How to Remove Cat Hair From a Washing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

The joys of owning a cat far outweigh the cons, but cat hair is still a major headache. It gets everywhere -- on furniture, on clothes and inside the washing machine. Although a small amount of hair in the washing machine shouldn't cause any problems, a build-up of cat hair can clog even the most robust machine. Regular cleaning out of the washing machine will prevent the unit from overworking, which can cause an early breakdown or wearing of the parts.

Brush your cat with a cat brush or run a moist hand over the animal to collect loose hair. This prevents hair from getting in the washer in the first place.

Run a lint brush over your clothes to remove as much hair as possible before putting it in the washer.

Add a liquid softener to the washer rinse cycle to remove hair from the clothes, collect it and flush it down the drain.

Remove the clothes from the washer and run a rinse cycle without any clothes in the washer to remove excess hair.

Wipe the inside of the washer drum with a wet paper towel or sponge to collect the hair from the washer tub.

Things You'll Need

  • Lint brush
  • Damp sponge
  • Liquid fabric softener
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