How to Find a Replacement Screen for an LCD TV

Updated July 20, 2017

Most LCD TV problems happen with the screen. It could be a cracked glass or dead pixels. The screen is costly to repair. It's usually cheaper to buy a new TV than repair the screen. You have a few options, however, to replace the screen if you do not wish to buy a new TV set.

Check with your the TV's manufacturer and the store where you bought it. Many manufacturers offer extended guarantees on their LCD TV sets. An LCD's fragile nature leads to companies offering these guarantees to justify the unit's cost.

Some retailers offer extended warranties for free or a price with a new purchase. The manufacturer often will replace a broken screen.

Check websites such as eBay or Craigslist. Many people advertise damaged TVs at a used price or even free. Purchasing a TV with a minor flaw is a cheap way to replace your damaged screen.

Contact local TV repair businesses. Some may be willing to tell you where they get spare parts if you are handy enough to make repairs. Search online for websites that list TV repair services such as Nationwide TV Repair.


Most screens only are compatible with the TV set for which they are designed. Screens made by the one company usually don't fit other models. It is highly unlikely buying a new screen, if you can find one, will be cheaper than buying a new TV set.

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