How to update a cscs card

Updated February 21, 2017

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. A CSCS card is recognised proof of a construction worker's occupational competence. Cardholders must take a health and safety exam to qualify for a card. CSCS cards are designed to increase safety and are required when working on certain sites. Over 350 occupations are compatible with the CSCS card, from carpentry to highway maintenance.

Wait for your current CSCS card to expire. Existing cards can't be updated; they must be replaced by SmartCards. Replacement is the means of updating the traditional card.

Bring up your CSCS card details on the computer. The computer must be set to the correct time. An orange warning will appear at the top of the screen if your card will expire within three months. A red message will flash if it has expired within the last six months. No details will appear if the card expired more than six months ago.

Apply for a SmartCard by downloading an application form from Contact SkillsDirect to request a postal form. Return the completed form.

Renew your CSCS card by contacting SkillsDirect, or download an application form from Arrange to retake your health and safety test, which must be done before you can be issued a new card. Your contractor may also need to provide information about your job role.

Change your card type as your skills develop. There are four red cards for new entrants: Trainee Craft / Operative; Trainee Technical / Supervisory / Management; Experienced Worker, Graduate Technical / Supervisory / Management; Experienced Technical / Supervisory / Management. Visit to see if you can apply for one of these cards.

Apply for a Graduate card when you have completed a recognised qualification. Update your card to Exerienced Worker if you gain supervisory or management experience. You can update your card to blue, gold and black as you gain more experience. Contact SkillsDirect to update your card type.

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