How to Replace a RAV4 Key

Updated February 21, 2017

The Toyota Rav4 uses the same key for the ignition as it does for the side door locks and the boot lock. Therefore, if you lose the key you must figure out how to replace it with a duplicate or you must have a locksmith replace all three pieces of equipment on your Rav4. This can result in a large bill. However, for much less money, you can obtain a duplicate key from your Toyota dealership.

Obtain your vehicle registration for the Rav4. You will need this for the dealership. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is on the registration. Compare the number on the registration with the number located on the top of your dash panel in the driver's side corner by the windshield. This will help to ensure you get the correct key.

Call your local Toyota dealership and confirm it offers repair services and ask if this includes cutting keys. Not all dealerships offer this service. If your dealership does not, try calling other local dealerships until you locate one that offers the service. Make an appointment, if necessary.

Take your vehicle registration and your picture identification for proof of ownership of the Rav4 to your Toyota dealership and inform them you lost all of the keys to the vehicle. They will cut you a new key based on the VIN number on your registration.

Things You'll Need

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Picture ID
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