How to get dentures at a young age

Updated March 23, 2017

Dentures, or replacements for natural teeth, have traditionally allowed older people who have lost many of their teeth to enjoy eating and maintain their appearance. However, younger people might also choose to get dentures. The cost of dental implants and other cosmetic dental work might prompt a younger person to consider dentures. Before getting dentures, young people should consider the factors of wearing and maintaining dentures.

Examine your mouth. If you are missing more than a few teeth, or might have to have dental implants in the near future, consider dentures.

Weigh the cost of getting dentures. Consider your reasons for getting dentures. If you are simply trying to save money on getting cavities filled or capping your teeth, you are better off fixing your current problems rather than getting dentures. In the long term, dentures can cost more than basic dental work.

Visit your dentist. Only a dentist can tell you whether you need dentures, or whether dentures are a good choice for your particular dental situation. With your dentist, discuss your options. You might just want a partial denture, which only replaces several teeth.

Get fitted for dentures. Your dentist can do this for you; you should not attempt to fit yourself for dentures.

Be aware of long-term effects. Over several years, dentures can hurt your jaw as well as causing you to lose your sense of taste. If you experience any of these issues, let your dentist know immediately.

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