How to Overclock a Compaq Evo D500 SFF 1.7 GHz Desktop

Updated February 21, 2017

The Compaq Evo D500 SFF series of computers are desktop computers running a processor at 1.7 gigahertz. Overclocking speeds up a computer's internal processor past the normal operating speed, which gives the computer more performance. Overclocking the Compaq Evo D500 SFF is done by changing the system's front bus settings found in the Boot menu's BIOS (basic input/output system) options. Setting the front bus to operate at a higher speed allows the central processor to operate faster than at its factory defaults.

Boot the Compaq Evo D500 SFF computer. Press and hold the "F11" key during start-up to enter the Boot menu. Move the cursor to the Compaq Evo D500 SFF's "BIOS" option and hit the "Enter" key.

Highlight the BIOS menu's "External Bus" option and press "Enter." Locate "Front Bus" and highlight it with the cursor.

Press the "Enter" button to open a list of possible settings for the front bus. Choose the setting one step above the default and press the "Enter" button once more. This modification raises the Compaq Evo D500 SFF's front bus speed, overclocking the system.

Exit out of all the Boot menu's windows by pressing "Esc." Accept the changes to the BIOS if prompted to and allow the Compaq Evo D500 SFF to finish booting up.


Select the "Restore to Defaults" option in the Boot menu to restore the BIOS to normal settings.


Overclocking the Compaq Evo D500 SFF voids any warranties on the system. Overclocking can cause a computer to overheat.

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