How to Identify a Yale Lock Series

Updated March 23, 2017

Yale Commercial Locks and Hardware offers interchangeable core systems that can be removed and changed for different keys without calling a locksmith. This allows you to rotate your locks, providing a high level of security for those who do not want to buy an automated security system. Identifying a Yale lock series is an easy process, since all Yale locks and hardware pieces are marked with the brand name engraved in all the pieces.

Identify a door with a lock on it. Take a close look at the frame surrounding the lock. Look specifically above the lock in the circle that surrounds the keyhole.

Check to see if the word "Yale" is engraved in the space above each lock. The engraving should be very distinct and the word will generally take up about an inch of horizontal space.

In a Yale lock series, the word "Yale" will also be engraved on the original keys that are associated with the locks. Look for the engraved name on the circular grip above the keys' notches and below the hole for the key ring.

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