Ridding Bird Feeders of Pigeons

Updated February 21, 2017

Pigeons are large birds that can scare away smaller songbirds in their quest for food from your bird feeder. They prefer to peck seeds off the ground, so spills from a hanging bird feeder are the most common draw for pigeons. To get rid of pigeons around your bird feeder, you must control the amount of seed that ends up on the ground.

Remove the bird feeder for one week. The pigeons may think the source of food is no longer available and will move on to another yard.

Sweep the area underneath your bird feeder if it hangs above your patio or another solid surface. Removing the seed from the ground will discourage the pigeons from hanging around your yard.

Line the area under your bird feeder with large rocks if it is a grassy area you cannot easily sweep. Select rocks that do not have a flat surface so they won't collect falling seeds. The seeds will fall between the rocks, and the pigeons won't be able to reach them.

Replace the bird feeder with a small tube feeder that does not have a tray underneath. The pigeons will be too large to sit on a small perch of a small tube feeder. Fill the feeder with suet seed mix, which pigeons do not eat.

Things You'll Need

  • Broom
  • Large rocks
  • Tube feeder
  • Suet
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