How to Reset Codes on the Maytag Neptune Washer

Updated February 21, 2017

Maytag Neptune washer are designed to be used with high-efficiency detergents so that less suds are produced and the washer is more efficiently able to tumble the load within it. Maytag Neptune washers feature a display panel on the front that allows you to change the device's wash settings. The display also may include error codes from time to time to let you know the appliance is not functioning at its optimal level. You can typically reset these error codes with minimal effort.

Make sure the door is tightly closed if a "do" "FL" or "LO" code appears. When a "FL" code appears, restart the cycle after closing the door. When the "LO" code appears, wait two minutes after you close the door for it to unlock if you want to reopen it.

Choose the wash settings and restart the cycle if a "PF" error code appears. This means the washer experienced a power failure, but is now in working order.

Check for kinks in the drain hose if there is an "nd" error code.Straighten out the drain hose and the kink error code will disappear. Do the same if you receive a "nF" code.

Open the washer door to remove the "od" error code from the display. This code is merely a safety feature.

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