How to Repair the Screen on a Bravia

Updated April 17, 2017

There's nothing more frustrating than when the screen on your Sony Bravia television breaks. Fortunately, Sony and most television manufacturers have repair centres with trained technicians that can replace the television's screen for you. If your Sony Bravia television is still under warranty, then you may access Sony's repair services for free. If your warranty has expired, you can still have your television repaired for a fee.

Contact Sony's customer service department via its website or telephone line. See Resources for a link to Sony's customer service website.

Inform Sony's customer service representative that you have a broken television screen you would like to repair. Provide your television's model number and date of purchase. The service representative will then inform you whether the repair will be covered under warranty.

Schedule an appointment with a Sony repair technician. Choose to send your television to its facility, or have a certified technician come to your home to repair it.

Remove your television from any furniture or wall mount. To remove it from furniture, two people must lift the television on each side, and then place it on the ground. To remove the television from a wall mount, reference the instructions on your particular make or model. Many different types of mounts exist, most of which have their own operating instructions. Technicians coming into your home are not permitted to detach your television from any mount or stand on their own. You must also package it yourself if you are shipping it out.

Pack your television in a secure and cushioned box if you are shipping it for repairs; otherwise leave it in a clean and open area that a technician will be able to easily access.

Ship your television to the repair centre or wait for the certified technician to visit on the date of your scheduled service. The technician should replace your Sony Bravia's screen in just one day if he visits your home. If you ship it for repairs, then expect to wait anywhere from four to six weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Receipt of purchase for your Sony Bravia television
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