How to troubleshoot parrot minikit slim problems

Written by patrick nelson | 13/05/2017

Parrot's Minikit Slim is a hands-free, short-range Bluetooth car adaptor for phones. It lets you make phone calls without holding a phone to your ear, thus placing you in compliance with laws in many jurisdictions that require hands-free phone use when driving a motor vehicle. Problems with the Parrot Minikit Slim can be related to audio quality, pairing, power and general failure. These kinds of problems can be rectified by following some troubleshooting steps.

Press the jog wheel and "Reset" at the same time to reset the Parrot, if the device doesn't perform normally. The reset button is on the back of the device. Release the reset button and then the jog wheel. Press the red button for two seconds, if the Parrot won't turn on, then press the jog wheel to access the menu to customise the options if the Parrot won't perform as you want it to.

Charge the Parrot if the light changes from green to orange and you notice a degradation in sound quality or problems pairing the device with a phone. Insert the Parrot's power cable into an automobile cigarette lighter jack to charge it. Reduce the range if you continue to experience sound problems like crackling. There's a limit to the range of Bluetooth.

Send phone contacts to the Parrot manually if the contacts don't synchronise automatically. Some phones don't support automatic syncs. Press the jog wheel and press "Receive Contacts." Set the phone to push its contacts to the Parrot. All phones are a little different, but look for a setting called "Object Push" or something similar.

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