How do I Troubleshoot Altec inMotion Speakers?

Updated February 21, 2017

Altec in Motion speakers are made by Altec Lansing for use with an iPod or iPhone. The Altec in Motion speakers allow you to listen to your music from your iPhone or iPod with external sound, like you would with a stereo. This portable sound machine can even charge your iPod or iPhone while you are listening to your tunes through the speakers. Altec Lansing makes more than one model of in Motion speakers, but they all work in the same manner.

Put fresh batteries in your Altec in Motion speakers, if you are powering the speakers by battery. Some models use a rechargeable battery, with about five hours of playing time when fully charged.

Check the connection of the AC/DC power cord, if you are using it to power the Altec in Motion speakers. It should securely fit in the "DC IN" hole on the back right side of the speakers. And it should be securely in the wall outlet. If it is still not working, you can try another outlet to see if the outlet is the problem.

Charge your iPod before inserting it in the docking station on the front of the Altec in Motion speakers. This will let you know if the problem is the built-in charger.

Press the power button on the top of the Altec in Motion speakers. Just inserting your iPod or iPhone in the cradle does not automatically power on the speakers.

Use the "-" and "+" buttons to adjust the volume on the Altec in Motion speakers. You may accidentally have the volume all the way down, which can result in no sound coming out of the speakers.

Look at the adaptor you have in the docking station to make sure you are using the correct one. The Altec in Motion speakers come with one adaptor for the iPhone and one for the iPod. Test each adaptor in your device to see which one fits the best so that you know which adaptor to use.

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