How to fix a 6 disc CD changer

Updated February 21, 2017

The primary purpose of a six-disc CD changer is to listen to several CDs in one sitting without having to physically switch discs out yourself. Upon using your changer several times, you may begin to experience problems with the device. Following a few simple steps and performing your own maintenance will have your CD changer functioning properly and will save you time, frustration and money. You can determine if your CD changer is mounted correctly to avoid skipping CDs, confirm that your CDs are inserted correctly into the magazine and correct badly scratched or dirty CDs.

Examine the mount angle of your disc changer, if you are experiencing a skipping disc. Located your CD changer within your vehicle. Inspect the position of the changer. Confirm that it is flush to a solid, secure surface and lying flat (not vertical). Use a level to confirm that the changer is completely flat horizontally, if necessary. A slightly tilted changer mounted to the floor of your vehicle will cause the CD to skip. If the changer is tilted, remove the changer from its current position and location, and remount it in a more secure, flat area.

Remove the disc magazine from the changer, if you are having problems with discs playing back. Remove each disc tray and confirm that the inserted discs are placed with the label facing up toward the arrow printed on the magazine. When you insert the disc tray into the magazine, confirm that it clicks into place. Discs inserted incorrectly into the tray will not play. Confirm that your discs are round-shaped and not a special kind of disc shaped differently (like a heart, for instance). Oddly shaped discs will not play and may damage your changer. After all discs are loaded back into the CD magazine, reinsert the magazine into the changer and close the changer door to prevent debris from entering the unit.

Check your CDs for blockage, if your CD is skipping or noisy during playback. Remove the magazine from your changer and remove each tray from the magazine. Examine the underside of each CD (the playable side) for dirt or debris. If your CDs are dirty, clean them with a cleaning cloth. Wipe from the centre of the disc to the outer edges completely. Inspect your CDs for scratches. If a CD is badly scratched, replace it with a new one, as scratched CDs won't play correctly in the player. Reinsert the newly cleaned CDs into their trays, then into the changer magazine. Insert the magazine back into the CD changer and try it again.

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