How to Troubleshoot a Parrot Minikit

Updated February 21, 2017

French company Parrot's Minikit is a universal hands-free Bluetooth device that allows you to comply with regulations that prevent you from holding a phone whilst driving. It can be used outside of the car too, as it can run on battery power. Problems with the Parrot Minikit can include issues with battery level, connections and sound quality. These issues can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Charge the Parrot Minikit before using it if the LED changes from green to orange or the device emits a series of beeps. A good charge is needed to prevent audio problems and pair your phone. Plug the Minikit into the car's cigarette lighter to charge it.

Pair the phone and the Minikit if there is no communication between them. Look for a Bluetooth function on your phone; it's usually labelled "Wireless" or "Connections" or something similar. Enter "1234" on the phone at the pass-code prompt. The Minikit will beep if pairing is successful.

Move the Minikit and the phone close together if audio quality is poor. Like any radio device, there's a limit to the Minikit's range. Bluetooth's range is about thirty feet in ideal environments. Reduce the volume of the Parrot Minikit if the audio sounds distorted.

Clear the phone if you've reached the maximum of six paired phones and the device won't pair. Hold the green and red buttons for three seconds to delete all the settings on the phone.

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