How to Replace an LCD TV Screen

Updated April 17, 2017

LCD TVs stormed into the world of technology with great success. Regardless of the technological advancements, these TVs are not protected from unfortunate incidents. A broken LCD screen is the most common one, and if you are not fortunate enough to have insurance, you will need to get your hands on a new one. You can purchase a new TV screen from the manufacturer, which could be very expensive, or choose to buy a second-hand LCD TV screen, available online or in second-hand electronics shops.

Prepare enough space in the room. Plan the movement of the old and new TVs and summon help, if necessary.

Turn off the power to your TV by unplugging it from the main power supply. Disconnect all the wires.

Find the frame screws on the broken LCD TV screen and unscrew them.

Remove the TV frame carefully from around the broken LCD TV screen and put it aside.

Remove any cables running from the TV to the broken screen. Be sure to remember how they are attached, as you will need to replace them later.

Remove the broken LCD TV screen and put it aside. Put the new screen in place and connect the cables in the correct order.

Turn on your new TV to be sure it is functioning properly.


It is strongly recommended that you have the assistance of another person.


Keep your hands and the floor dry at all times.

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