How to make an "in loving memory of" donation

Updated April 17, 2017

It's not always clear what you should do when someone dies. Depending on your relationship to or with the deceased, you may make a meal for the family, send flowers or just sit with the family. Another way to show your affection and admiration for the deceased is to make an "In Loving Memory Of" donation in his honour to a charity working to cure an illness which touched his life. You could also send a memorial donation to a charity his family has embraced or to a local not-for-profit organisation he supported.

Read the deceased's obituary. Often toward the end of the obituary you will find a request for donations to be sent to a particular charity.

Write a check to the charity. You should never send cash.

Mail or take the check to the funeral home which is in charge of the funeral or memorial arrangements. The funeral home will forward all donations to the proper charities and notify the family of your donation.

Select a charity. If the deceased supported a particular disease or cause, consider donating to that charity. For example, you may want to make an "In Loving Memory Of" donation to the American Heart Association if the person had heart problems.

Read donation instructions on the charity's website. Each website will be different, but all of them will have a donation page which explains the process and possible reward of donating money to the cause. You may be able to select a card or certificate to be sent in memory of the deceased to his family.

Enter the deceased's name so the charity knows who is being honoured. Type the address where you would like the "In Loving Memory Of" note, card or certificate sent and a short message of sympathy to the family of the deceased.

Click on the amount you would like to donate or type the amount into the designated box. Select if the donation is to be a one time occurrence, recurring or anonymous gift. Type your credit card, billing and payment information into the labelled boxes. Click the donate button.


Some charities allow you to select the card or certificate which will be sent to the deceased's family.

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