How to use spy listening devices

Updated June 20, 2018

If you're interested in becoming a private detective, or want to uncover any underhand activity, spy listening devices are a useful tool, and using them is relatively straightforward. Spy listening devices are essentially microphones, and they come in a variety of different styles and sizes. You can get microphones small enough to clip onto a lapel and models that you can phone to listen to remotely. The general operation of spy listening devices can be described in a few simple steps.

Connect your device to a recorder. Generally, spy microphones will have a stereo connector that can be attached to any device you wish to use to make the recording.

Plant the microphone. Most spy microphones are small, to avoid detection, but must be concealed either somewhere in the desired room or on your person. This depends on the situation, for example, if you wanted to capture an incriminating conversation from someone who trusts you, you may be able to keep the device on your person, but if you can't be present at your desired conversation, you can plant the bug in the room. Alternatively, you can get megaphone-like sound recording and amplification devices that can be used to zone into specific sounds from a distance.

Listen to your recording. If you have planted the spy microphone and attached it to a recording device it will record for the maximum length of time allowed by the device and can be played back when the device has been recovered, or can be safely removed.

Insert the SIM card into the device. The 2-Way GSM Audio Listening Device is a remote-listening spy device that records the sound around it and can be dialled into using your cell phone.

Select the desired setting. The 2-Way GSM Audio Listening Device can be set to call you when sound is picked up by the microphone. This makes it possible to hear all the sound in your selected location without having to constantly dial in to check.

Plant the device. Remote listening devices have to be planted in a suitable position to be used. Plant it as close as you can to the location of the sound you wish to listen to, and then continue about your daily business.

Dial the SIM card's number to listen to the audio currently being captured by the device. You can call the number at any time to activate the recording function and listen in to the sound remotely.

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