Quinny Footmuff Instructions

Updated March 23, 2017

The Quinny Footmuff, also known as the Quinny Buzz or Quinny Zapp Footmuff, is similar to a fleece-lined sleeping bag for an infant. It fits easily into a Quinny stroller, providing comfortable padding and a warm covering for the baby. The straps on the footmuff thread through the stroller; and zippers on the footmuff make it simple to put the baby in or take him out.

Put the Quinny Footmuff into the Quinny stroller. Thread the straps on the footmuff through the appropriate straps on the stroller harness. Each model has slightly different threading directions, so refer to the specific stroller instructions if the threading is confusing.

Unzip the front of the footmuff. There are two zippers on the two sides of the footmuff. Zip them down to open the front of the footmuff.

Place the baby in the stroller so that she is lying comfortably on the footmuff. Pull the top of the footmuff over the baby, and carefully zip up the sides.

Connect the stroller harness like normal. The footmuff will not interfere with the stroller harness.

Remove the baby by opening the harness and then unzipping the footmuff. Lift the baby out of the stroller.


Zip top portion partway down on warmer days. On colder days, tighten drawstrings on either side of the hood. Take the baby on rainy-day strolls or chilly-morning jogs. Leave footmuff attached when folding chair to store.


Always take care not to catch the baby in the zipper.

Things You'll Need

  • Quinny Buzz or Quinny Zapp Footmuff
  • Quinny Buzz or Quinny Zapp pushchair stroller
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