How to Replace Fan Belts in PT Cruisers

Updated March 23, 2017

The engine accessories on the PT Cruiser model vehicles are all operated by a single multi-ribbed serpentine belt. When the motor is running, the crankshaft drives the belt around the accessory pulleys, powering all the accessories. Once the belt starts to fray or crack, replace it as soon as possible before it breaks.

Open the bonnet and inspect the top-left side of the radiator shroud for the belt routing diagram. Refer to this diagram when installing the new belt around the accessory pulleys.

Locate the spring-loaded belt tensioner on the front of the engine. Insert the square end of a breaker bar into the square opening on the front of the tensioner.

Turn the breaker bar counterclockwise to release the tension from the belt. Slide the belt off the tensioner pulley and release the tensioner.

Pull the belt off the other accessory pulleys. Remove the belt from the engine compartment.

Route the new belt around each accessory pulley exactly as instructed in the belt routing diagram.

Turn the tensioner counterclockwise with the breaker bar. Slide the new belt onto the tensioner pulley and release the tensioner. Remove the breaker bar and set it aside.

Crank the PT Cruiser for ten to 15 seconds to properly seat the belt to the inside grooves of each accessory pulley. Turn the engine off.


If the belt diagram is missing from the radiator shroud, use a pen and a notepad to draw a diagram by looking at the routing method of the old belt.


Keep hands and tools away from moving engine parts.

Things You'll Need

  • 3/8-inch drive breaker bar
  • New serpentine belt
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