How to Fix a Philips 4-Disc CD Changer

Updated February 21, 2017

The primary purpose of the Philips 4-disc CD changer is to play four different CDs without needing to change them. After many uses, your device may begin to experience problems. Following a few simple steps and performing your own maintenance will have your device operating effectively and efficiently in little time, and will save you money and frustration. You can correct a "No Disc" error on the display, remedy radio reception problems, and confront sound issues.

Insert a disc. If "No Disc" is displayed on the screen, the changer can't read the discs in the changer. There is also no sound if "No Disc" appears, unless you utilise the radio feature.

Eject each disc in the changer, and confirm that they are inserted correctly. If a disc is inserted incorrectly (the playable side up), the disc will not play.

Wait a few hours for your system to dry out. Moisture condensation on the lens may have occurred. As a safety measure, the device automatically will not function if moisture is present. Allow the device to dry out. Remove the cause of the moisture condensation (such as a sudden rise in room temperature), if necessary.

Remove the discs, and examine each for dirt or grime. If a disc is dirty, clean it with a cleaning cloth, wiping from the centre to the outer edge all around. If the disc is badly damaged or scratched, replace it with a new one.

Adjust the antenna on your changer (located on the back of the device), if you're receiving an unclear signal. Point the antenna in different directions, until you hear the signal with clarity.

Connect a stronger, external antenna to better receive the radio signals. Use the external antenna port for the antenna (located on the back of the device).

Move the device away from external electrical devices, such as a VCR, DVD player, or television. Electrical equipment positioned too closely will interfere with the radio signal reception.

Adjust the "Volume" controller (located on the front of the player) to remedy a lack of sound. Turn the volume up, as the volume may have been turned all the way down.

Inspect your device for attached headphones. If you see headphones inserted into the headphone jack, disconnect the headphones. Speaker sound is muted while headphones are inserted into the jack.

Examine the speaker connections on the changer. Confirm that your speaker wire is thoroughly seated in each of the appropriate speaker jacks.

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