How to Enable a Mazda MPG Display

Updated February 21, 2017

As gasoline costs increase, you may become more interested in knowing how many miles per gallon (MPG) you get on average while driving your Mazda. Typically you will get better mileage while driving on a freeway than on city streets, where you have to stop and start a lot more frequently. You may notice that you get more miles to the gallon when you avoid speeding and rapid acceleration. You can easily enable the MPG display on a Mazda, and get a better idea of how much gas you're using.

Turn the ignition to "On."

Locate the "Info" button on the right side of the steering wheel.

Press the "Info" button repeatedly until the dashboard display shows the trip computer information, which will appear below the current outside temperature and time. You will see the average fuel economy in miles per gallon (MPG). Fuel economy is calculated every two seconds while you drive.

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