How to Scan With HP 3050

Updated February 21, 2017

The HP 3050 is a multifunction printer designed for use with PCs that allows you to scan and copy documents in addition to simply printing them. Scanning with the HP 3050 is made possible by its built-in scanning bay, as well as the software that came with your device. This software will need to be installed on your computer before you attempt to scan if the process is to be completed successfully.

Install the HP 3050 computer software, if you haven't already, by placing the CD-ROM that came with your printer into your computer and clicking "Install" in the software prompt on screen. Once the software is installed, reboot your computer before continuing.

Open the lid on your HP 3050 to reveal the scanning bay.

Place the document you want to scan into the scanning bay on your HP 3050. The document should be facing downward toward the glass on the inside of the printer. Line the document up with the edge of the scanning bay to ensure that it scans as straight as possible.

Close the lid on your HP 3050.

Press the "Scan" button on the HP 3050 control panel. The scanner will digitise the document. At the same time, the software window will appear on your computer screen which you can use to track the scanner's progress. Once completed, the fully scanned version of the document will appear in the program window on your monitor.

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