The Sony Xplod Instructions

Updated July 11, 2018

Operating Sony's Xplod series of car receivers can be difficult if you don't have your instruction manual, and many of the operations may appear a mystery. The Xplod series' general operations run on the same basic principles, however, and these should be familiar to anybody who has used a car stereo system before. Models from the Xplod series such as the CDX-GT440U and the MEX-BT5700U have virtually the same main operations.

Press the "Source" button to switch the unit on and cycle to the desired source. The "Source" button is located on the left-hand side of the unit's front display, to the left of the "Control Dial." When you press the "Source" button, the selected source will appear on the display screen. If you want to listen to a CD, press "Source" repeatedly, until "CD" appears on the display.

Press the "Skip" buttons to skip to the next or previous track. The forward "Skip" button is often located directly to the left of the "Source" button. The backward "Skip" button is located underneath the forward "Skip" button.

Press the "Browse" button to search through the songs on the disc or on the USB device by name. This button has a magnifying glass for an icon, and is located between the two "Skip" buttons. This will bring up a menu for the device or disc on-screen. For an MP3 player, this could be a list of genres or artists, and for a CD it will be a list of the tracks.

Navigate the "Browse" menu using the "Control Dial." Turning the dial clockwise will scroll downward. Push the "Control Dial" in to advance to the next section on the menu or to select a track. This is how menus are navigated in the Sony Xplod series, and the "Back" button can be used to take the menu back to the previous screen. The "Back" button is located to the left of the "Browse" button.

Turn the "Control Dial" on the main screen to adjust the volume. A clockwise turn increases the volume, and an counterclockwise turn decreases it. You can enter the "Setup" menu by pushing the dial in from the main screen. The "Eject" button is located in the top right-hand corner of the unit.

Press the "Skip" buttons during radio playback to search for the next station. The Sony Xplod automatically detects clear signals and stops on them. Press and hold the relevant "Skip" button to adjust the frequency manually. The "Skip" forward button raises the radio's frequency.

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