Elna 744 Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Elna 744 is an advanced sewing machine that includes a variety of different stitch options such as three versions of the cover hem, safety 4 thread, flatlock, 3 Thread Overlock, and the Rolled hem just to name a few. To change your stitch you simply turn the handle to your selection and the machine will balance the threads automatically. The machine is easy to store with the cover and side door. Many accessories are also sold for this machine.

Set up the machine by first attaching the antenna pole. Insert the antenna pole into the spool pin base at the back of the machine. Pull the antenna pole to its highest position and align the thread guide portion with the spool pins.

Place the foam pads on the machine. Remove the spool holders and place the foam pads on the spools. The foam pads stabilise the spools of thread.

Connect the machine to the power source. The machine should be in the off position before plugging in the power cord. Check to make sure that the power source is compatible with the voltage and frequency of the machine.

Plug the power cord into the machine and then into the wall outlet.

Look over the program display card that comes with the machine and find the stitch you wish to use. Be sure you're choosing the right stitch as many of them have similar names and numbers.

Move the dial to the number that matches your stitch. The number will show on the program display. The program will automatically set the thread tensions for the stitch you have chosen.

Check the panel to be sure that everything is set up according to the card and all numbers match. If one number is off, the desired stitch will not be achieved.

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