How to Use Canon Pixma to Scan Negatives into Positives

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon Pixma MP800 multifunction printer includes a film adaptor for scanning 35mm negatives and slides. With the adaptor, you can convert your developed colour and black and white film negatives into digital images on your computer. The printer's operational control panel includes several presets that simplify the negative film scanning process. The Pixma MP800 also features a built-in film holder underneath the scanner lid for securing your film negatives while you scan them into your computer.

Press the power button on the upper-left of the operational panel to turn on the multifunction printer.

Press the "Photo/Film" button on the operational panel. Press the right-arrow button to switch the MP800 to "Film" mode. Press the "OK" button. Use the right-arrow button to toggle between the film mode options. Choose between "Color Negative Film" and "Black and White Negative Film," depending on the type of film negative you intend to scan. Press the "OK" button.

Raise the scanner lid. Remove the protective cover from the underside of the scanner lid to expose the film adaptor. Remove the film adaptor from the scanner lid.

Squeeze the clips on either side of the film adaptor and raise the cover. Insert the 35mm negative into the film adaptor. Lay the negative into the adaptor with the correct-image side of the film facing down. Close the film cover and squeeze the clips on either side to lock it into place.

Reinsert the film adaptor into the slot on the underside of the scanner lid. Verify that the correct-image side of the film faces down before closing the scanner lid.

Press the "OK" button on the operational panel to begin scanning the 35mm negative. When scanning completes, the Pixma 800 will automatically load the image into the ArcSoft PhotoStudio software bundled with the multifunction printer.


Only scan developed 35mm film negatives. Exposing undeveloped film to light will ruin the film.

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