How to Do Cool Card Shuffles

Updated February 21, 2017

Many amateur card players start out with the overhand shuffle, a casual shuffle that looks sloppy and doesn't adequately mix up a deck of playing cards. If you would like to impress your friends with a fancier card shuffling technique, there are several elegant methods you can try. Get a fresh new pack of cards and practice these different shuffles before showing your friends --- some of them are rather tricky.

Hold the deck at the end with your left thumb and middle finger on the sides of the cards. Lightly rest your index finger on the top of the deck for additional support.

Bring your right hand under the deck and touch the sides with your right thumb, middle finger and ring finger.

Take some cards and slide them out from the top of the deck with your right hand. Keep your right hand in the underhand position while sliding it in the opposite direction from your left hand. The cards will fall in your palm.

Bring your right hand back under the deck. This will transfer the cards in your palm to the bottom of the deck.

Take a few more cards from the top with your right hand and slide your hand out the same as before, allowing the cards to fall in your palm.

Bring your right hand under the deck again. Repeat the process several times. (See Reference 1)

Place your deck of cards on a table.

Place your thumbs on the back edge of the cards with your other fingers at the front.

Grip a few cards from the top of the deck with your left thumb.

Remove the rest of the cards with your left hand, moving them out and forward.

Bring the large pile of cards on top of the small pile of cards, lifting your right index finger up and out of the way. Don't square your cards at this point; keep the left-hand pile slightly to the left.

Grip another small pile of cards with your right index finger and move your left hand away again, allowing the small pile to fall on the previous pile.

Bring your left-hand pile on top again and take more cards from the top with your right index finger.

Repeat this sequence several times and square your deck. (See Reference 1)

Set your deck of cards on a table and rotate them vertically.

Place your pinky on the upper right-hand corner of the deck and place your thumb on the lower left-hand corner.

Bend your deck of cards so that the cards bend in toward your palm, forming a concave C-shape.

Hold your other hand opposite the hand holding the cards. Start with a short distance at first, then increase the distance as you get better.

Release your thumb to shoot the cards to your other hand. (See Reference 2)

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