How to Create a Daily Planner

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the keys to planning is having a way to organise the tasks in your day, or your tasks for the upcoming week. While there are online solutions for this such as Google Calendar, you can make your own daily planner by using Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Open your spreadsheet program.

Create a blank worksheet.

Enter the following labels in row one on columns A through E: "Time," "Event," "Location," "Person," and "Notes."

Enter the start of your planning day in cell A2. For example, if your day starts at 8 AM, enter "8 AM" in cell A2.

Enter the additional time points in your day you wish to plan for in cells A3 and down. For example, if your day is largely planned in half hour increments, A3 would have "8:30 AM," A4 would have "9 AM" and A5 would have "9:30 AM."

Select the range of cells from A2 to column E, for as many rows as you made entries in step 5. Select the "Borders" tool on your spreadsheet's toolbar. Select "All Borders" from the options.

Click on the "View" menu item, and select "Page Layout View". This changes how the spreadsheet displays the cells on the spreadsheet, and overlays blue dashed lines to show page breaks.

Select columns and adjust their width until the area in the grid fits into the width of the page.

Select rows and adjust their height until the area in the grid fits into the height of the page.

Type "Ctrl+S" to save the file. When prompted, name the file "Day Planner Template."

Print the day planner template.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel 1995 or later
  • Open Office Calc
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