How to Use Pebbles in a Clear Glass Vase

Updated April 17, 2017

Clear glass vases are household staples that can easily be turned into centrepieces and decorative items with a few creative touches. Pebbles can be collected for free at the beach and added to a clear vase to create an inexpensive display piece that adds a sense of simple tranquillity to any room.

Position the stalk of a single synthetic flower in the centre of a clear, wide-top vase; then fill the vase to the top with a selection of pebbles of different colours, sizes and textures. Cut the petals from another flower the same as the first and sprinkle a few over the pebbles at the top of the vase. This simple arrangement creates a contrast between the delicacy of the flower petals and the hardness of the pebbles, and makes an interesting centrepiece.

Line the base of a square glass vase with pebbles of roughly the same size, shape and colour. Nestle a round candle into the pebbles and tie a thick silk ribbon around the outside of the vase. Choose similar colours for the pebbles, candle and ribbon for a coordinated look that complements your colour scheme.

Select five or six flat pebbles that vary in size and stack them on top of each other from largest to smallest. Glue them in place with craft glue and leave to set. Add some glue to the base of the bottom pebble and carefully lower the stack into the centre of a large square vase. Leave the vase plain or paint a pebble motif in a strip around the outside using white glass paint. This decoration would look good in a bathroom, and it draws attention to the hard edges of the square vase and smoothness of the pebbles.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear glass vase
  • Pebbles
  • Synthetic flowers
  • Scissors
  • Round candle
  • Wide silk ribbon
  • Craft glue
  • White glass paint
  • Thin paintbrush
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