How to Program a Chrysler Crossfire's Key

Written by tiffany raiford | 13/05/2017
How to Program a Chrysler Crossfire's Key
Only Chrysler can program keys for your Crossfire. (Car key image by Corneliu C from

The ignition key for your Chrysler Crossfire must be programmed by a Chrysler dealership and cannot be done by the vehicle's owner. The remote keyless entry on your Crossfire is programmed as a theft-deterrent, which requires a special key, or transponder, from your Chrysler dealer. Special tools are used to program your Crossfire's car key that are only available from Chrysler dealerships and service centres.

Call your local Chrysler dealership to schedule an appointment to have your new car keys programmed. The Chrysler dealership will need the key code for your specific vehicle in order to program the keys to work with your car. If your keys are being programmed by a different dealership than the one where you purchased your car, you will need to contact the dealership where you purchased the Crossfire to obtain the key code. As a security measure, do not keep your key code in your vehicle.

Take your car to a Chrysler dealership. If you ordered your new or replacement keys from the same Chrysler dealership, you will only need to bring your car in, and the service technician will program your keys using the new keys for your car. If you already have the new keys in your possession, you must bring them to the dealer.

Pay the fee for the replacement keys and the programming. The programming process only takes a few minutes, but the cost of new keys and to have them programmed averages £130 as of 2010.


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