How to Measure Water Pressure at Home

There are several reasons why you may want or need to determine what the water pressure is at your home or office. You may be thinking of adding a sprinkler system to your yard and need the water pressure to determine the number of zones it will take to water the yard. Or you might be buying a old house an need to check that there is sufficient water pressure coming into the house for showers and other plumbing. The do-it-yourself handyman can easily check the water pressure at the house.

Check that there is not water running anywhere in the house. Any open faucets will reduce the total water pressure that is coming into the home or business.

Place a water pressure gauge on a exterior faucet. The gauge will screw onto the faucet just like the end of a garden hose.

Turn on the faucet to full and record the reading on the pressure gauge. Write down the pressure on a sheet of paper.

Repeat the last step for each of the exterior faucets.

Check the faucet at the washer and dryer also, this will help to determine if you have any problems with your water lines.


You can get a adaptor from the hardware store to attach the gauge to interior faucets to check them also.


Wear eye protection when checking the water pressure in case of a broken gauge.

Things You'll Need

  • Water pressure gauge
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