How to Install a Jack in a Ford Focus

The Ford Focus, which was first produced in 1999, is a compact car available as a hatchback, sedan or wagon. There are many instances when raising your Focus off the ground with a jack may be necessary, such as to change a flat tire, replace brake pads or change the motor oil. Before lifting the vehicle, it is important to understand how to properly use the jack and where to place it as incorrectly using a jack could result in serious injury or death.

Move the vehicle to a level, paved surface as raising the vehicle on an incline could cause the vehicle's wheels to roll and fall off of the jack.

Shift the vehicle into "Park" and engage the parking brake. If you have an automatic transmission, shift the vehicle into "Reverse" and engage the parking brake.

Place wheel chocks behind or in front of the two wheels on the opposite side of the end of the vehicle that you will be raising. The wheel chocks will prevent the wheels from moving while the vehicle is in the air.

Locate the jack points underneath the Focus on both sides of the vehicle. The Focus has four jack points, two located approximately 8 inches in front of the rear wheel wells and two located approximately 6 inches behind the rear wheel wells. The jack points can be easily identified as they are double seam-welded sections and often have notches removed from the bottom.

Place the floor jack below the subframe and raise it to lift the vehicle off of the ground. The jack included with the Focus must be turned clockwise with a special tool that resembles a thick, straightened wire hanger. This tool will be located in the boot, along with the jack and spare tire. To use the tool, insert the hooked end of the tool into the fitted hole on the side of the jack.

Position a jack stand beneath the jack point closest to the jack then lower the vehicle onto the jack stand by turning the jack tool counterclockwise. Repeat this process for the other side of the vehicle to raise the vehicle off the ground prior to repair or maintenance.


Never work on a vehicle supported only by a floor jack.

Things You'll Need

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wheel chocks
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