How to Remove the Chip From an Ink Cartridge

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017
How to Remove the Chip From an Ink Cartridge
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Most printers such as Canon and Epson printers use ink cartridges with attached chips. The function of this chip is to indicate the ink level of the cartridge. When your cartridge runs out of ink, the chip gives the low ink signal to the printer, alerting you to change the cartridge. When you replace the cartridge, you may have to install the chip of the original cartridge on the replacement cartridge. For that, you have to remove the chip.

Locate the position of chip on the cartridge. In most of the cartridge models, it is located somewhere at the bottom of the cartridge. If not, it may be found on the angled portion of the cartridge.

Use a utility knife to remove the top plastic tab that secures the cartridge chip. Gently pry open one end of the plastic cap with the blade of the knife. Remove the other end of the cap in the same way.

Pop the chip out using your finger nail. The best way to take it out is by twisting it out of the cartridge.

Things you need

  • Utility knife

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