How to Dismantle a Dyson

Updated April 17, 2017

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their agility because they run on a single ball rather than the standard four wheels found on other vacuums. A Dyson typically consist of the body, ball, dustbin, brushes, hose and hose attachments. You may need to repair or replace a part of the Dyson from time to time. Also, some pieces of debris may become trapped within the device. For these reasons, you'll want to know how to take apart the machine.

Turn off and unplug the Dyson vacuum cleaner. This is for your safety and will prevent electric shock.

Remove any attachments and accessories.

Press the release button to remove the hose. This button is located near the area where the hose attaches to the vacuum body.

Tilt the Dyson forward with the back facing you. You will see a "U" shaped piece. Pull this piece toward you to remove it.

Remove the dustbin. This is the bucket on the front of the machine that collects all of the vacuumed dust and debris. Press the release button to unhook the dustbin from the machine. The release button will be located on a side of the dustbin.

Pull the filter piece from the body of the Dyson by pressing the filter release button. The button will be on the body of the vacuum near a side of the filter. Use caution as moving this piece may release dust into the air.


Have plastic bag handy if you'd like to store any dirty parts. This will prevent dust and dirt from spreading.

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